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The Sculptures

Around the Abbey Church


5. Purity by Ian Marlow

Steel, Stainless steel with powder-coated colour


Ian works mainly in stainless steel and glass to create delicate but larger than life sculptures based on natural forms. He creates different effects and colours with added texture and powder coating. He aims to reflect the balance of nature in the shapes, forms and lines of leaves, flowers and seedheads. His figural work is strong and dramatic, but there is a delicacy in the flowing lines.

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Open Form & Flanged Neck Vase

6. Open Form & Flanged Neck Vase by Christine-Ann Richards


£2,250 Open Form & £3250 Flanged Neck Vase

The gardens of China and Japan have been an ongoing inspiration for the large pots and water features Christine-Ann makes, mainly to commission. She works with three different coloured clays and enjoys the gritty composition of the clay used in these pieces. She coil builds her large pots - only the flanged neck of the vase was wheel-thrown.

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Wild Cotswold Road

7. Wild Cotswold Road by Iain Cotton

Bath Stone and earth pigments


Iain studied sculpture at Bath Academy of Art. He is interested in roads, paths, journeys and human marks in the landscape. His sculptures often reflect a poetic journey, as in the case of this work based on a winding Gloucestershire road. He is interested in the connection made through the act of carving between the body and the landscape in its most elemental form.

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Grass Plumes

8. Grass Plumes by Chris Kampf

Rusted steel with oil finish

Sets of three, large £480, small £360

After taking a degree in Jewellery and Silversmithing, Chris designed jewellery for many years. He changed to making garden sculptures in 2011 and has been making striking steel structures based on natural forms ever since. His simple interpretation of leaves and buds in steel stand out well against a garden backdrop, on a lawn or with plants growing around them.

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Arthur's Eye

9. Arthur's Eye by Mike Grevatte

Carved and painted oak


Mike has been working as a sculptor for over 40 years, having trained in Leicester and Oxford. He has produced many public commissions in stone and bronze, besides work for houses and gardens. His wood carvings are often abstracted from simple natural forms, carved and painted in vibrant colours. He likes to work in local wood, such as oak and willow.

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The Last Tree

10. The Last Tree by Kate Rattray

Ceramic and glass


Kate makes bold and dynamic glass and ceramic mosaics, ranging from small pieces of jewellery to large sculptures. Her work is narrative, as well as decorative, and often inspired by nature, myth, legends and folk tales. She made this sculpture seat in response to ‘ash dieback’, a disease which is killing off our ash trees in the UK as well as abroad.

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11. Frond by Anthony Rogers



After training and working as an archaeologist for several years, Anthony undertook art studies in Bath. He is based in Frome and works predominantly with wood. He has produced many large scale sculptures for exhibitions and public art projects. He also takes smaller garden-size commissions, including carving trees in situ. The oak for his carvings in this trail came from Longleat.

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Please respect the sculptures and do not climb on them. Children should be supervised at all times. Watch out for uneven paths and badger holes!